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The uniqueness of osteopathic treatment

The osteopath’s main diagnostic tool is the hands. Osteopaths develop a unique sense of touch known as palpation. Palpation allows the osteopath not only to treat gently and accurately but also to examine and gather information otherwise inaccessible.

Through visually and manually examining patients, osteopaths can detect changes in the body’s structure that may be quite subtle. Using osteopathic manipulative medicine such as indirect and direct pressure to gently move connective tissue, muscles, and bones, osteopaths improve the body’s circulation and nerve response, stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Osteopathy enlists the aid of modern advances in medical science to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Patients are encouraged to bring with medical reports such as X-rays, MRI or blood tests.  Similarly osteopaths may refer the patient back to their doctor with a request for further tests.

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