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Work Strain

The body changes according to how it is used.  For most people the majority of the day is spent working. Inevitably our job influences the condition of our body.  It stands to reason that the body of a dental surgeon will be different to that of a road-digger and physical problems encountered by each will be different.

Osteopaths have a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body and are able to apply the information about a person’s life style to their complaint.  They are skilled at discovering underlying causes of pain and then use their hands to investigate and treat injuries to the ligaments, muscles and joints. As well as treating the problem the osteopath can advise on correct posture at work and give instruction on back care and preventative exercises.

Common problems

Problems caused by manual handling and lifting:
- Muscle and tendon injuries.
- Disc herniations (‘slipped disc’).
- Sciatica.

Problems caused by forceful or repetitive movements:
- Carpal tunnel syndromes.
- Tendonitis
- Epicondylitis (e.g. ‘tennis elbow).
- “Mouse wrist”.
-“Blackberry thumb”

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