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Choosing a bed

Is your bed helping, or is it part of your back problem?

Top tips for back pain sufferers:

1. The mattress needs to be comfortable to lie on and soft enough, with sufficient ‘give’, to support and cushion the body’s bony curves. Don’t be embarrassed to lie on the bed in the shop – it’s not as long as you’ll spend on it each night!

2. The mattress should be supportive enough to take the weight of the body without sagging. If you are used to a soft bed, don’t suddenly change to a very hard bed; the difference may prove difficult to adapt to. However, the mattress does need to be firm enough to allow for shifts of posture during the night. This is necessary to lessen fatigue and relieve the prolonged stress on soft tissues.

3. The majority of mattresses need to be turned regularly (between six weeks and three months). Do get someone to help you avoid the strain of turning your mattress. If you live on your own you may prefer one of the foam/latex mattresses that don’t need turning.

4. The bed itself should, of course, be soundly constructed and represent good value for money. Cost considerations are understandable but the lowest priced bed will not last as long.

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