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Posture Whilst Driving

Whether driving a car, a bus, or a lorry or even as a passenger - you could be suffering driving related back pain. In all these cases, osteopathy can help to reduce pain and your osteopath can offer advice on back pain management, including simple exercises to prevent problems in the future.

Keep moving
It’s not just the driver who can stiffen up in a car. Passengers are often seated for long periods of time in a fixed position. Good posture whilst driving and movement is the key for driver and passenger comfort. As a passenger, try to alter your position from time to time and sit with your knees bent and thighs level and comfortable. For driver and passengers, stop regularly, ideally once an hour for 15 minutes especially when feeling tired. Get out of your vehicle and walk around it several times. Stretch the spine from side to side gently, moving your arms and shoulders around in a circular direction, bringing your knees up to your hips, and stretch your whole body.

Some basic tips for adjusting your car seat

  • Move the seat forwards until you can easily fully depress the clutch pedal and accelerator.
  • Adjust seat height as high as is comfortable to improve your vision of the road.
  • Adjust cushion tilt angle so that the thighs are supported along the length of the cushion.
  • Adjust back rest so it provides continuous support along the length of the back and is in contact up to shoulder height.
  • Avoid reclining the seat too far as this will cause excessive forward bending or the head and neck, and you may feel yourself sliding forwards on the cushion.
  • Adjust the steering wheel rearwards and downwards for easy reach.
  • Adjust the head restraint to ensure the risk of injury is reduced in the event of a car accident.
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